ShadeTree Pic Gallery

 Halloween 2010!

Ton's of Fun on Halloween at the Upton Inn... Flo and the Geico Gecko....  Click the pic!


 Tom Petty 2010!

Another great show with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Darien Lake!  Fun with the friends and family...  Click the pic!


 July 4th 2010, Leaps and AJ's house!

It was another night to remember....  from what they tell me....  Here's how it went down...  Click the pic!


 Rosco's Easter Basket Poker Party!

An annual event.  A night of cards.  A bottle of Red Devil Whiskey.  A long Sunday to follow.  Here's how it went down...  Click the pic!


 4/8/2010 Portland Oregon Excursion!

A great trip to Portland, Oregon, and a day in Seattle, Washington.  Lot's of great food and fun.  Click the pic!


 12/12/2009 Turkey Bowl Poker Party!

Good Times with the Boys and Fireball Whiskey at the annual "Turkey Bowl" Poker Get Together!  click the pic!


 11/10/2009 Halloween at the Upton Inn!

The First Halloween Party at the Upton Inn!  Great Fun!  click the pic!


 11/10/2009 The Front Porch Project!

Big improvements to an old porch...  Scott and JoAnna at work again...  click the pic!


 11/10/2009 The Kitty's!

So we don't have kids... but we have cats!  Here's the proof!   click the pic!



6/07/2009 Fender and Gibson, our new Kittens!

Yep, named 'em after guitars.... They're cute...  Fender's the black tiger and Gibson's the pastel calico.  Check 'em out, click the pic!


 1/7/2009 Kitchen and Loft!

Counter tops and loft railing installed!  Thanks Bruce and Jim! click the pic to view them all!


10/7/2008  Project Kitchen!

After five years and a lot of sweat... we're startin' to finish the place!  Here's the evidence!